Texas Criminal Appeals Are Complex.

The Texas appeal process is intimidating. There are strict time limits for the filing of a notice of appeal, which is the beginning of the appeal process. It’s the defendant’s responsibility to make certain the notice of appeal is filed in a timely manner. I’m a Bryan-College Station criminal appeal attorney trained to assist your needs. My office can assist you with a motion for new trial, perfecting appeal, legal research, and the preparation of legal briefs for the courts of appeal. We can also assist you with discretionary appeal petitions to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. Strict time limits apply here, as well.



Experienced Legal Counsel is Imperative.

As a Bryan-College Station criminal appeal lawyer I’ve handled over 90 appeals during my 20 years experience as a criminal lawyer, both as a prosecutor and defense counsel. I zealously represent clients on appeal in cases ranging from capital murder (death penalty appeals), to appeals of misdemeanor crimes and probation revocations. Moreover, I’ve earned a reputation for excellence in state direct appeals and post-conviction motions challenging the constitutionality of a person’s conviction.


If someone you care about has been convicted of a crime, you need a skilled and experienced Texas appeal lawyer. My unique combination of trial and appeals experience gives me a special advantage when advising clients on the best course of action in handling their criminal charges appeal. Please call for a free consultation to discuss the circumstances of your Texas or Brazos County criminal appeal.

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