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Texas Board Certified Criminal Defense Lawyer.

Citizens in Brazos County know I’m a highly motivated Bryan-College Station criminal defense lawyer. I focus my full attention on your personal and special needs. I have over 24 years experience, I know the court system, and I know the law. If you’ve been arrested – If you are under criminal investigation – You need an experienced Texas Board Certified criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible to ensure your rights are protected and your critical needs are met.


Exclusively Criminal Defense.

My law practice focuses exclusively on criminal defense and protecting the future of my clients accused of a crime. I’ve represented thousands of persons charged with DWI, drug charges, sex offenses, possession of Internet contraband, child solicitation charges, and other internet crimes. I am also a long-time former prosecutor who uses my experience to develop legal strategies tailored to your individual needs. I’m also highly selective and look for highly motivated clients interested in fighting against the charges brought against them by the police and prosecutors.


Bryan-College Station DWI Lawyer

Alcohol related charges are a large part of my criminal practice. These charges are very serious and involve important time limits. I represent persons accused of DWI, DUI, Intoxication Assault, Intoxication Manslaughter, and other alcohol charges.

Bryan-College Station Sex Assault Defense Lawyer

Getting charged with any type of sex offense from date rape to child solicitation is a devastating experience. Never discuss the facts of your case with anyone until you’ve consulted with an experienced criminal defense attorney. I’ve aggressively represented those accused of these crimes.

Bryan-College Station Drug Charge Lawyer

Never talk to the police without an attorney if you are the focus of a drug charge investigation. This includes discussing informant agreements with the police. Everything you say can be used as evidence for the prosecution. I work with clients who’ve been charged with possession, intent to distribute, trafficking, and other drug charges. These cases include marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, and prescription drugs.

Texas Computer Crimes Defense Attorney

Computer crimes are commonplace in today’s Internet culture, yet devastating to your future. These charges range from possessing illegal photographic images to online child soliciation charges. I’m experienced defending these serious accusations. We use computer forensic experts to help develop defenses. Never give the police consent to look at your computer or to search your home. Speak with a qualified computer crimes defense lawyer first.

Comprehensive Experience

Finally, my expertise spans a comprehensive range of other criminal cases including:

Fighting for the Rights of Each and Every Client!

When the evidence is strong against their clients, many lawyers become discouraged and advise their clients to plead guilty. Our approach to defending criminal cases is to prepare each case as if for trial. Only then can your criminal defense attorney creatively mount a defense and bring to bear the full weight of his experience upon the prosecutor, giving you hope for a satisfactory outcome.

I will not allow the prosecutor to railroad you into pleading guilty. Rather, we will subpoena evidence, obtain discovery, and gather other materials to best understand the strength and weakness of the charges against you.

Our job is to put together the most effective defense possible to ensure your rights are protected. So, don’t be pressured into pleading guilty. To arrange a free consultation to discuss your case . . .