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Sex Crime Allegations Are Life Changing.

Persons charged with sex-related crimes are often stigmatized. Sometimes the lawyers representing them are ridiculed. I’m not concerned with what people say about us. I care about fighting for you. I’m a Bryan|College Station sex crimes criminal defense lawyer and I’m trained to help you.


My Firm zealously defends persons charged with crimes including child molestation, sexual assault, statutory rape, indecent exposure, lewd conduct, possession of child pornography, prostitution, child solicitation, aggravated sexual assault of a child, and unauthorized photography of others. We help you to defend these serious charges.


If you’ve been accused of a sex crime involving a child – whether the child says they were molested, or you’re charged with possession of Internet child pornography – you’ve entered the realm of nightmares. Even if you are completely innocent, you are facing an uphill battle against state police and Child Protective Services, and possibly federal child sex crimes authorities. I’m a College Station sex assault defense attorney and can stand as your voice of reason to protect and defend your reputation and dignity.

Defending Sex Crimes is Complex.

An allegation of rape, date rape, or molestation is a serious one. The prosecutors in these cases often believe the word of an adult or child accuser – even where there is little or no corroborating evidence. Sexual assaults are serious crimes that often require complex defenses. When you work with our sex crimes defense team, you are no longer alone to bear the burden of a sex crime charge. Serving clients in and around Bryan/College Station, our teams brings experience and determination to each and every case.

We can help you defend these allegations by:

  • Arranging bail or bail reduction;
  • Explaining the possible penalties and possible outcomes of your case;
  • Hiring an investigator to interview witnesses and gather evidence favorable to you;
  • Employing experts to develop favorable evidence;
  • Presenting the best legal defense for you by forcing the prosecutor to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt;
  • Negotiating with the prosecutor for a reduction in charges and sentence.

Police Investigations and Polygraph Tests.

The inclination of a person falsely accused of this crime is to cooperate with the government and police. The impulse is to shout one’s innocence from the rooftops and rationalize with the investigating officials with the hope of stopping the insanity. Unfortunately, innocence alone will not stop this train.

Children tend to be believed when sexual accusations are made. Well meaning adults, especially those with care taking responsibilities, have an overriding interest in protecting the child at all costs. This bias drives the sex crime investigation and it will likely persist throughout, despite the many protestations of innocence from the accused.

The good news is, the madness can be stopped, and if you are reading this before you have been formally charged with a crime, you have a much better chance than most of avoiding prosecution. Information can be provided to the police that will enable them to close their investigation without recommending charges. Each case varies, but a Bryan/College Station sex crimes lawyer who has superior experience in handling these cases will know how to get this specific information to the officer in the right way.

Not all police officers are reasonable. However, our experience has been that most officers are willing to work with us when they understand we are not interested in impeding their investigation. In fact, we are trying to help them make the right charging decision. No officer is interested in being grilled on the stand for arresting an innocent man.

Finally, did the police suggest a polygraph test to prove your innocence? People facing serious criminal charges are often quick to take a lie detector test to “prove” their innocence. Unfortunately, polygraph tests are unreliable. Worse yet, a false positive on a lie detector can give the impression you are guilty. So before taking a test and cooperating with the police, or cooperating with Child Protective Services, talk with an experienced Bryan|College Station sex crimes defense lawyer.