All Bryan-College Station criminal lawyers should experience the thrill of the reversal and remand and the order of acquittal. All criminal lawyers should experience the delight of the “not guilty” verdict as often as possible. But not all lawyers will, at last, enjoyBryan-College Station Lawyers in the Sweet Spot the pleasure and security of practicing law in the sweet-spot. It’s the point where years of good lawyering and effective entrepreneurial skills meet.


When can we practice the kind of law we want, accept the cases we want, and charge the fees we want? When we’re in the sweet-spot. That’s when we don’t worry whether telephone rings today, or even this week. It’s where we refuse to compete on legal fees. It’s where decades of experience in the trenches have revealed the traps and how to avoid them. It’s where the lines on our face and gray at our temples is regarded as wisdom, character, and credibility. It’s where we exude confidence even when we’re afraid. It’s where we’ve learned to successfully hide a crushing blow. Where cross-examination is second nature and where we treasure its coming. Where we’ve learned to spend money to make money. Where our investment in marketing, name recognition, and people begins to reap reward. In short, the sweet-spot is where we’ve discovered how to be both good lawyers and effective entrepreneurs.


Make no mistake . . .  finding our law practice sweet-spot is a trek. Many never arrive as it takes years of study, relationship building, and investment in people. Many quit too early since they fail to comprehend the journey. They expect fruits of their labor too soon. Further, we’ll never experience the sweet-spot if we relinquish leadership. Assuming the mantle of leadership, taking initiative, and risk-taking is the pathway.


Attorneys don’t find the sweet-spot without patience. No one gets there without fueling their curiosity. Good lawyering doesn’t guarantee we’ll find our pleasure, either. Both business planning and lawyering skill are required. Never stop learning . . . never stop striving to master the business of law. It’s there you’ll find the sweet-spot and the security it can bring.